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Hereford, Worcester & Gloucester
VegCom is a free accommodation listing service for vegetarians and vegans looking for somewhere to stay or offering somewhere to stay. Please use the coloured buttons below to view the listings.

VegCom - stands for the VEGan/vegetarian acCOM modation service and is supported as a free service by by a consortium of voluntary vegan and vegetarian local organisations.
However, there are costs involved in maintaining the service and we invite users to make a small donation using your debit or credit card;

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We recommend that you view the appropriate (`Offered` or `Wanted`) listing and then if you want to place your own listing, do that next using the appropriate form. Entries are .listed for 3 months, but you can renew or remove them if you retain the acknowledgement email that the system sends you.

When making your entry, please word it exactly as you would like it to appear, as we don't provide an editing service. Be careful to distinguish between vegan and vegetarian if it matters to you, and note that some vegans and vegetarians drink alcohol and/or smoke.

If you are new to VegCom, please read our tips first. Always take care when arranging to meet new people. VegCom cannot be held responsible for any actions resulting from the use of this noticeboard facility.

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