Physiotherapy treatment programmes are tailored to the individual needs of each person. Using the basis of careful and detailed assessments the physiotherapist draws up a physiotherapy regime specific to each patient.

The regime is adjusted appropriately following reassessment when the patient has made progress, or when the symptoms of MS change due to disease activity. Using this as a basis, MS patients can be shown how to help themselves regain movement and co-ordination.

Individual members are encouraged to monitor their own progress resulting from their programme of exercise, and to use the gains made through treatment in activities of daily living.

One of the best ways of teaching and encouraging people is in classes that offer the discipline and mutual support of a group. A chat over a cup of coffee after a class is the ideal time to exchange information or find a listening ear.

Physiotherapy has a vital role to play in helping people to cope with the daily challenge of living with MS. We use an approach that enables members to:

  • Learn to control and co-ordinate movement patterns
  • Reduce spasticity and encourage more normal movements
  • Regain functional abilities

The therapist and member work together to achieve more normal and easier movement so that the individual can enjoy the greatest degree of independence possible.